In the last couple of months the Adams County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of an identity theft operation targeting victim’s cell phone accounts or using identity information to open accounts with other carriers.
Most of these reports were triggered after a victim receives an unexpected delivery notification or unexpected package on their porch. When they finally found out what is in the package they find newly purchased and activated cell phones from their current carrier or another carrier all together.
The thieves are using personal identity information to make these transactions either over the phone or online and then either porch pirate the phones upon delivery or attempt to have them delivered to another.
If you experience this, it is identity theft and we ask that you take steps to not only report it to law enforcement but the credit reporting agencies and cell phone carriers.
Here is a good article on how to prevent cell phone account identity theft.

The Latest Identity Theft Target: Your Cell Phone

Mobile phone account identity theft is on the rise. Here’s how to protect yourself and recover from mobile ID theft if you’ve been a victim.